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I love trying new things and sharing my opinions with my blog readers, and I am dedicated to writing honest and thorough reviews of the products I try or test. I am also interested in hosting giveaways, guest blogging, and participating in blog events.

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Feedback from review sponsors:

"Thank you so much! One of the nicest reviews I've seen so far. Good luck with your future runs! Keep in touch." - Andrea Reynolds, Owner, Running Chics

"Hi Emma. Thanks so much. Really great and thorough review… Super glad you love and are enjoying everything!" - Marc Wollman, Vice President, EcoUsable

"Emma, what a wonderful review. I can’t wait to share it with the rest of the STRIDE team tomorrow, including Wendy. I’m sure they will all be just as impressed as I am." - Jesseny, Stride Everyday

"Hi Emma, That looks great! Thanks so much! The picture of the kitty in the sheets is ADORABLE. Love it! Thanks again for doing this fabulous review. We'll absolutely be in touch about future opportunities." - Jamie, CSN Stores

"The review looks great! I really appreciate you including those anchor text links to different categories. And you integrated them so seamlessly! That's actually really cool, as a lot of people just kind of list them. I like how you did that. Thanks again for doing such a great job helping us promote our site." - Terryl, Affordable Style

"OMG - thank you for the wonderful review!...I was so happy to read that you thought that Riesling was 'one of the best wines I've ever tasted!' and your description of it...made me very happy indeed!"
- Stephen, Flipflop Wines