About Me

Cheapskate4Life Blogger ProfileThanks for visiting Cheapskate4Life! My name is Emma, and I started blogging in 2010 because I had just learned about couponing and wanted to share my money-saving adventures with others. My blog ended up growing more than I ever imagined, and I now enjoy writing about all sorts of fun things!

I have a bachelor's degree in English - Technical Communication, with a minor in Graphic Design. (I designed my Cheapskate logo!) I currently work as a marketing specialist in the wedding invitation industry. I have a dog, Dotty, and a cat, Rocky - they always make me smile at the end of the day. 

I enjoy couponing, blogging, thrift shopping, karaoke, song-writing, playing guitar, talk radio, fun jewelry, comedy, coffee, and Netflix. I love trying new things and sharing my experiences and opinions. Someday I'd like to write a book to help, inspire, or motivate others.

You can contact me anytime at Cheapskate4Life@hotmail.com. Thanks for checking out my blog!


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