Sprinkle Animals with Kindness: Dotty's P.A.W.S. Walk Fundraiser

Dotty is once again raising funds for the
18th Annual P.A.W.S. Trick or Treat Walk for the Animals on October 27th!

Her theme this year is: Sprinkle Animals with Kindness. Can you guess why?

As a sprinkle-covered cupcake, Dotty knows what it's like to be sprinkled with kindness. (She is quite spoiled, after all!) She wants all animals to be as spoiled as she is with a loving family, good health, and safe home.

The annual Trick or Treat Walk for the Animals raises funds for spay/neuter surgeries, medical care, and vaccinations to reduce adoption costs, thereby helping more animals get adopted into loving, permanent homes. All money raised for the Trick or Treat Walk goes directly to the care of animals.

Please consider donating to help us Sprinkle Animals with Kindness!
(Pretty please, with a cherry on top?)
You can donate with cash or check (made out to P.A.W.S.), or using the PayPal Donate button below. Email me if you'd like to mail a check or arrange for pick-up: emma8275@gmail.com.


Thank you for considering a donation to support Dotty's sweet mission.

Sprinkle Animals with Kindness
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More About P.A.W.S.
P.A.W.S. (Providing Animals with Shelter) is an organization based in Saint Peter, Minnesota, whose mission is to provide lost or surrendered animals with temporary shelter until adoptive families can be found. You can learn more and see some of the animals in need on the P.A.W.S. Facebook page.

& Dotty


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