iGotTech Texting Gloves Review

iGotTech's Texting Gloves are finger gloves with smart phone touch technology on the thumbs, index, and middle fingers. They are much thicker than the normal finger gloves you generally would find; They have two thick layers of material that keep my hands super warm.

iGotTech Texting Gloves Review
I am very impressed with the thickness and high-quality fabric of these gloves. They have been keeping my hands warm during these last few months of winter. They are easy to use while going out and about, and of course they prevent my hands from freezing if I want to text or call (or instagram, snapchat, etc.) when it's cold out! I like using them to drive (not to text/surf while driving, FYI) because they are thick enough to keep me warm but still give me full function of my fingers without being bulky.

The only criticism I have for these is that since my hands are small, my fingers don't fill up the whole glove so I have to push down harder to get the touchscreen technology to work (due to extra material at the ends of the fingers.) So it would be nice to see different sizes. Other than that, I am very pleased with these gloves and recommend them for keeping warm and using touchscreen technology.


Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.


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