Liztek Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

I've been wanting a Bluetooth speaker for awhile now so I was really excited to be able to review Liztek's Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It has three modes to work several ways:
  • In Bluetooth mode, it works with smartphones, tablets and any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • In MP3 mode, you can plug an iPod or laptop into the 3.5mm Aux-In Jack or insert a microSD card directly into the speaker to play any music that's on the card
  • In FM mode, you can listen to the radio
I was so pleasantly surprised to discover the FM radio mode since I love listening to NPR. It's easy to browse through channels or do an auto-search for stations. The radio comes in very clear, I am impressed. Another thing that surprised me was that there is a built-in microphone that can be used for hands-free speakerphone calling. It works really nice, especially when someone calls while I'm using already using the speaker.

Liztek Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The speaker also comes with a USB cord to plug into a standard wall charger or laptop to recharge, which is very handy. It can even be recharged while in use. One thing I felt was missing was the audio jack cord which would be convenient to have for mp3 players and non-Bluetooth devices. I believe they're pretty affordable so I will likely buy one to be able to plug-in my iPod or laptop to listen to music.

So far the audio has been very clear and gets quite loud when I turn the speaker way up, so I am pleased. It's super easy to use - Bluetooth connection happens automatically so I don't have to do anything when I turn on the speaker, it just pairs with my phone as long as I have Bluetooth enabled. The size is small and compact, and it's very portable and sturdy too. I use it primarily in the bathroom when I'm showering or getting ready for the day, I like to listen to NPR or music or even Netflix streaming on my phone. But it's also so light and portable that I can take it to the kitchen to listen while I'm doing dishes, or outside on the porch or by the fire.

Overall, I love Liztek's Bluetooth Speaker and use it practically every day.

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.


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