The Bouqs Farm Fresh Flower Company Review #BouqLove

Contrary to everything you know about online flower delivery services, The Bouqs company offers farm-fresh flowers without all the baggage (like upsells, shipping costs, complicated supply chains, poor quality flowers, receiving a substitute bouquet and not what you ordered, etc.)

Every bouquet from The Bouqs ships directly from eco-friendly, sustainable farms on a volcano in South America. The flowers are cut the day of the order and shipped in cold storage at 4 degrees, keeping them in a state of sleep and super fresh. They're delivered to the customer within 2-4 days of being cut, so they're the freshest possible. The flowers are also sent in their original state and not processed - meaning they still have thorns, leaves, and long stems. Although this means a little more work to get the flowers vase-ready when you receive them, it's just another way to keep the blooms super fresh in-transit versus other flower delivery services that spend extra days processing the flowers.

The Bouqs Farm Fresh Flower Company Review #BouqLove
My Dawn bouq the day it arrived
I chose the Dawn Bouq to review, which is a beautiful arrangement of premium orange roses that look like a sunrise when they bloom. They are the perfect flowers for Fall, and really cheered me up when they arrived since I was home sick for most of that week. I was very happy with the packaging and the perfect condition the flowers arrived in. I did spend about 15-20 minutes cutting off the leaves, cutting stems to fit my vase, and removing the outer protective petals according to care instructions. But once they were in the vase, they were sure a sight to be seen!

My bouq lasted much longer than I expected - about 2 weeks! They looked brand new for at least a week, you couldn't even tell when they were 7 days old. I am absolutely impressed with the quality and beauty of the Dawn bouq, and I loved working with this company. They have such a fun personality - Just reading the FAQs you can get a feel for their friendly and personable style! The site itself is really user-friendly and nice to look at. Ordering took just minutes and my order arrived exactly the day that I chose for it to be delivered.

The Bouqs Farm Fresh Flower Company Review #BouqLove
7 days old and still lookin good!
Overall I had an awesome experience with The Bouqs and highly recommend them. If I ever need flowers delivered to anyone, I will use The Bouqs. The $40 flat fee covers everything - no extra charges or shipping fees; And it's totally worth it. You can also sign up for regular deliveries if you want fresh flowers in your house all year round.

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.


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