Amigabit PowerBooster

Amigabit PowerBooster is a collection of utilities designed to optimize and speed up your computer's performance. This program will clean the hard drive, uncover problems like broken files, help to streamline startup programs, manage memory, and even clean up online activity to safeguard your identity.

I really wanted to try the Amigabit PowerBooster for review since my laptop is starting to work harder than normal. The fan gets really loud after awhile and the bottom of the laptop starts to get hot when it's overworked. I think that means I have too much running at once and possibly have some issues that are making my computer run slower.

With the PowerBooster all I'd have to do is run a quick or full scan to optimize my computer and get things going faster. I was supposed to receive this program for review but unfortunately have not received it yet, so I will update my post with a review once I do receive the program.


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