Natural Sleep X - All-in-One Natural Sleep Aid Review

Natural Sleep X - All-in-One Natural Sleep Aid Review I've got to be honest - I don't usually take sleep aids. I'm always concerned about how they will work, whether I'll sleep walk, or if the next day would leave me groggy - or worse, addicted to sleep aids. I have also had bad experiences with medicines that contain sleep aids, like NyQuil, when I once tried to open a 2nd story window in my sleep to go outside. (Thankfully it was locked and never opened!) So I'm often wary about what kinds of supplements I take in regards to sleeping.

But since it's an all-natural herbal formula, I figured I'd give Natural Sleep X a shot. It contains melatonin, chamomile flower, valerian root, and a few other natural ingredients that work together for a good night's sleep. It is non-habit forming and non-addictive, which was very important for me.

The first night I tried it, I took one capsule with water before bed as directed, but I didn't expect to see much difference in my sleep. And I was praying that I didn't sleepwalk. But no joke, I had one of the best night's sleep I've ever experienced. I'm a tosser, a turner, a light sleeper, an occasional sleepwalker, and I get up to use the bathroom several times a night. When taking Natural Sleep X, I didn't get up as often (I think only once) because I was sleeping so deeply. I found that I woke up in the same position I went to sleep in, and I felt super rested the next day. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I tried it again a few nights later. We were getting up at 5 am to go to the Minnesota State Fair, and I didn't get to bed till about midnight. 5 hours of sleep does not typically sit well with me! But I took a Natural Sleep X capsule, went to sleep for 5 hours, and honestly felt energized and wide awake the entire day at the fair. I didn't even feel exhausted when I got home, like I usually do after fair day.

I've used Natural Sleep X several times since then, and have only experienced positive results of a restful night's sleep with energy the next day. No sleep walking or doing crazy things in my sleep. And I am still able to wake up to use the bathroom when needed, since it doesn't totally knock me out. The only downfall of how well this works is that I almost want to take it every night so I sleep well! I assume that would be okay since it's natural and non-habit forming, but I also don't want to use it as the only way I get a good night's sleep. Regardless, it works for me and I plan to use it mainly on the nights before I have a big event or project coming up, when traveling, or when I'm having particular trouble sleeping.

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