Helping Hand Cell Phone Holder Review

Helping Hand Cell Phone Holder ReviewThe Helping Hand is a 7.5 inch tall phone and tablet holder. It is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic and comes with a washable sticky pad that sits atop the slanted edge of the holder. My phone stuck right to the pad, and didn't fall off even when I held it upside-down.

I did, however, accidentally drop the holder itself when taking it outside to test it in my car, so I had to wash the sand and gravel off the sticky pad with mild soap and warm water and let it air dry, per the instructions. This seemed to work fine, although I would recommend leaving the pad intact on the holder and wiping it with a rag rather than peeling the whole pad off the holder. It was adhered so well that it was really hard to remove! But after washing it, the pad stuck again to the holder and still holds my phone securely. I have been using it for several weeks, and the sticky pad does tend to get dusty after awhile, so it's nice that I can wash it to rejuvenate the stickiness. I have only washed once since the first time, and it's just like new again.

Helping Hand Cell Phone Holder Review

The Helping Hand fits in vehicle cupholders and sets nicely on countertops or desks. It really comes in handy when talking on speakerphone; Whether you have it sitting in front of you on your desk or in your car's cupholder (if you have one up by the steering wheel like I do), you can easily talk on speakerphone without having to hold the phone up by your mouth. Not only does this make it easier for the other person to hear you, but it's safer to keep both hands on the wheel instead of holding the phone. I also appreciate being able to use it when I'm doing my makeup or hair before work and my sister calls me (which happens often!) - I simply turn on speakerphone, set the phone atop The Helping Hand on my bathroom counter, and continue getting ready while we talk.

Helping Hand Cell Phone Holder Review

I also use the stand when I'm reading books on my Kindle app or playing the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game (Don't judge me!) It holds my phone at just the right height so I can play or read without straining to hold onto the phone. It is also a great way to hold my phone or Kindle Fire when using recipes from Pinterest; That way my phone is up off the counter and away from the mess, and I can easily see the recipe while I'm cooking.

Overall, this is a durable stand that works well for me and comes in handy for many situations.

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