Six-Gun Caballero Western Audio Drama & Book Review

The National Day of the Cowboy is coming up in two days, and I've got the perfect review for the occasion: A review of the western book Six-Gun Caballerro written by L. Ron Hubbard, and performed in a multicast audio drama with music and sound effects featuring R. F. Daly.

Six-Gun Caballero Western Audio Drama Book Review
I received both the book and the 2-CD audio drama for review. I love audiobooks so I was really interested in hearing the audio drama. And since my dad is a huge Western fan, I knew this would be the perfect story to listen to with him. We ended up listening to it with the whole family in the van on our way to visit the Spam museum in Austin, MN. Even my skeptical brother - who didn't think he would be impressed - got really into the story. With the sound effects, music, amazing vocal talent, and interesting storyline, this audio drama held our attention and we all discussed it afterward. I even read some of the glossary terms to my family members, which were located in the back of the book. It was so much fun and a great bonding experience for my family. Plus, at around 2 hours, it was the perfect length of time for our car ride.

This story - Six-Gun Caballero - is about Michael Patrick Oba├▒on, the owner of a 100,000-acre ranch who suddenly loses his inheritance when a band of criminals makes false claims on the ranch. Since he can't overpower the imposters, he needs to devise a strategy to outwit them instead. The story itself is very interesting and the characters are well-developed. There is also a twist at the end that surprised us all.

Galaxy Press offers a huge collection stories like these from L. Ron Hubbard - from Westerns to Mystery to Sci-Fi to Action & Adventure. The paperback books are $9.95 and the audio dramas are $12.95. I'm planning to order some more of the audio dramas for my dad for Christmas or his birthday - and of course, I'll be listening to them as well!


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