UV Sight Ultraviolet Flashlight (Pet Stain Detector) Review

UV Sight Ultraviolet Flashlight (Pet Stain Detector) ReviewIt's no secret that I'm a pet lover. I have a small white dog and a fat orange cat. Both of my pets have had urinary issues in the past, so I knew there were some accidents in the house during those time periods. Sometimes I had to visually scope the entire house to make sure there were no accidents to clean up after work. I think I caught them all, but now I have a handheld UV Blacklight Flashlight to help make an easy job of detecting pet stains.

Fortunately, after doing a thorough investigation in my house, I only found a few small spots on the carpet, some of which were areas where I'd cleaned up cat vomit in the past - Apparently I didn't clean very well! Boy, if I had this flashlight back when my pets were having their issues, it would have been a ton easier to find the accidents to clean up. The spots that I did find were undetectable to the naked eye, which is why I never found them before.

UV Sight Ultraviolet Flashlight (Pet Stain Detector) ReviewUV Sight Ultraviolet Flashlight (Pet Stain Detector) Review

I was also able to use this flashlight to rule out the possibility of a particular room in the house that was claimed to be "full of cat urine". I didn't find a single spot on that carpet with the UV light, so it disproved the theory that my cat was using the carpet as his litter box. We did use an odor refresher to remove the smell in that room, but I'm confident now that it was just an odor problem. I've also had some small visible stains accumulate on the carpets in other rooms throughout the years and have now been able to disprove them as being pet stains. So -turns out- this light can work to justify my pets' innocence too!

This flashlight from UV Sight is a small handheld blacklight that comes with 3 AAA batteries. It's easy to use and is bright enough to use even in daylight - although it helps to have a darker environment for better viewing. Aside from finding pet stains, you can use this for general house cleaning, specifically in the bathroom. I have to warn you though - if you shine this around your toilet, you may not like what you see!

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