David Gray - Mutineers Album Review

 Looking for a chill album to listen to at work or in the car? Singer/songwriter David Gray, best known for his hit "Babylon" from the album White Ladder, just released his tenth studio album this week - Mutineers. This album is really easy listening and has some great melodies and lyrics. My favorite track is the one the album was named for, Mutineer. There's just something about it that's catchy and soothing all at the same time. I feel like that describes the whole album - smooth and calm, yet lively and happy too.
David Gray - Mutineers Album Review
David Gray captured the world’s attention with his breakout multi-platinum hit White Ladder, the first of three No.1 UK albums, earning him both Brit and Grammy nominations. He has continued to build on this success, with recent albums Draw The Line (2009) and Foundling (2010), both reaching the Billboard Top 10 in the US.
Mutineers Track Listing:
Back in the World
As the Crow Flies
Beautiful Agony
Last Summer
Snow in Vegas
Cake and Eat It
Birds of the High Arctic
The Incredible
Girl Like You
Nearly Midnight (bonus track) 
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