The War on Christmas Book Review

War on Christmas Book Review
Christmas is a time of peace and love. So why has so much controversy clouded this sacred holiday? It has become ground zero in an ongoing culture war where Nativity scenes are nixed, Merry Christmas becomes Happy Holidays, and even the word Christmas is considered by some as offensive. Find the truth about Christmas and the Christian s response to a culture that seems to be declaring war in The War on Christmas: Battles in Faith, Tradition, and Religious Expression (Bodie Hodge, General Editor.)

Growing up in the Lutheran faith in a small community, I never even fathomed that anyone would be against Christmas. How could anyone not like such a wonderful holiday or celebrate Jesus' birth? But in the past few years, I've seen first-hand the resistance against Christmas and our traditions. It's even more disheartening when those opinions affect your loved ones and get in the way of family traditions and gatherings.  

The War on Christmas separates the biblical truths of Christmas and the traditions that have surfaced throughout the years. It offers responses to typical arguments against Christmas, including ones I have heard before - Boy do I wish I had this book when those arguments had occurred! Not that I would tell anyone what to believe but I DO want to stand up for my beliefs and be able to effectively explain why we celebrate the way we do and how it is not sacrilegious to put up a Christmas tree - Yes, we were once told that decorating a Christmas tree means we are worshiping it... And to that, the book gives this response: "Some have reminded me of the decorated trees in Jeremiah 10: 1-6. Explain that it wasn't the tree that was sin but the hearts of those who used them to honor false gods. If they had done it to honor God then the outcome would have been different. If someone honors God with a decorated tree (as opposed to false gods) then how can it be sinful?"

War on Christmas Book Review
This book covered all of the arguments my family has heard against celebrating Christmas, and more! It is not only very thorough and backed up all of my beliefs, but it is also in an easy to read format with graphics and little tidbits of information throughout. I recommend this book to anyone to who wants to understand Christmas better, but particularly to those who have personally experienced the war against Christmas.

Disclosure: I was provided this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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