What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Sporting Memorabilia

Muhammad Ali Sports MemorabiliaIf you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably spent a lot of time wanting to get your hands on a piece of the action. If they won’t let you on the field, the next best thing is try and get yourself a collector’s item that from the game that you love, and more specifically, the match or the player that means the most to you. Once you’ve established that this is probably the closest you are going to get to the experience of playing the game yourself, you will probably realize how good it feels to own something so connected, so intrinsic to the sport that not only means the world to you, but fans across the planet. This means you will probably want to get your hands on some more quality memorabilia right?

A wise decision. Why? Because collecting sporting memorabilia is not only a great hobby for a sporting enthusiast to have, but it is also a very wise investment. Now I know it seems a little silly to spend a bit of money on something when it’s only going to sit on a shelf, while you're trying to save for something functional, but hear me out. If you choose right, you could actually get your hands on something worth owning, the price you pay will only increase with every year, but only if you do your research and choose wisely.

You will want to set a few guidelines for yourself though, so purchase something that is actually meaningful to you. One of the best ways to start is to decide on exactly what it is that you want to collect. For example, you may be a big baseball fan, great, but what baseball memorabilia would you like to collect? Perhaps you would like to collect items from a particular player, or maybe you only want to collect baseball cards from your favorite team. Maybe you are determined to get your hands on as many signed balls as possible. Whatever it is you decide to focus on should have a personal connection to you; A collection of memorabilia is much more meaningful when it has a personal history. Next you will need to find a reputable dealer that only deals with authentic, quality sporting memorabilia. They should be known for their determination to house only authentic pieces, like HT Framing and Memorabilia. This way you know that you won’t be taken advantage of and sold a copy, a damaged, doctored or over-valued piece.

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