DormCo Shoe Storage Chest Review & Giveaway

DormCo is the leading retailer for college dorm room essentials - from bedding to storage to organization and even cooking supplies. Their products are designed for college dorm rooms to provide a comfortable and enjoyable dorm living experience.

Aside from being useful in a dorm setting, DormCo's storage and organization items are perfect for anyone who has limited closet space or who is living in an apartment or small space. I personally have a problem with limited closet space and where to store my shoes, so the 16-Pair Underbed Shoe Chest was the perfect solution for me.
DormCo Underbed Shoe OrganizerDormCo Underbed Shoe Organizer

The Underbed Shoe Chest is made of heavy clear vinyl with divided spaces and a zip top to keep shoes dust-free. It also has nice sturdy rope handles to make easy work of sliding it out from under the bed. The size of the chest is perfect for sliding under the bed, but it's also big enough to hold sixteen pairs of shoes, which considerably reduced my closet clutter! Check out my before & after photos:

Before Shoe Organizer
BEFORE: Shoes Everywhere!
After Shoe Organizer
AFTER: Organized & Neat
My favorite aspect of this product is how easy it is to pull out to get to my shoes - rather than being piled up on the closet floor or stored away somewhere, they are all arranged nicely in an easily accessible location. Plus, thanks to the see-through vinyl, I can see exactly what's in the chest before even opening it up. I would highly recommend this, or any of the other shoe storage solutions from DormCo, to anyone who finds themselves with more shoes than space.

I would also suggest checking out DormCo's huge selection of items if you're looking for high school graduation gifts. The prices are great and they offer $2.95 shipping on your entire order with no minimum purchase.

Enter below to WIN your own 16-Pair Underbed Shoe Chest!
DormCo Underbed Shoe Chest

Disclaimer: I was provided this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was given. The giveaway prize will be shipped by the sponsoring company.


Shannon Runke said…
I've been wanting something like this and can never find anything at walmart or target!
Mrs. No-No said…
because my shoes need some help, too! (:
kellyr78 said…
I would like to win because I have a lot of shoes and I need a good storage solution.
Celeste said…
I'd love to win this because I have so many shoes --- but only so much closet space!
Anonymous said…
I would love to win this for my daughter!
Patti said…
Um I don't just want to win, I NEED to win. I have way too many pairs of shoes in my closet This would def help with organization!
June Lisle said…
I am a public GFC follow as June Lisle. This is an awesome and usable giveaway. Good look everyone.
June Lisle said…
I want to win because I live in a pretty small apartment that would be a lot nicer if I could get some control of organization. The shoe storage would be a perfect start.

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