My Birthday in Photos - First Tattoo, Themed Gifts, and More!

Yay for birthdays! I recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of my 18th birthday (*wink*) and to commemorate the occasion, I got my very first tattoo. I also had a great time with my friends and received some awesome gifts and cards from friends and family.

Check it out:
Birthday drinks - Cheers
Cheers - Birthday drinks!
Karaoke with friends
Karaoke with friends
Foot Tattoo in Process
Getting my first tattoo - I was nervous, can you tell?
Foot Tattoo - Handwritten words in black ink
The finished product: "Ich Liebe Dich" (I love you in German) in my Grandma's handwriting. Perfect!

Foot Tattoo in progress
Foot tattoos hurt! (Glad mine didn't take too long!)
Souix Falls waterfall
Visiting the Sioux Falls waterfalls

Souix Falls WaterfallsSioux Falls
Birthday Gifts
Some of the gifts I received - Scarves, drink-related items, & bacon stuff. My friends & family know me well!
Birthday dessert with sparklers
Surprise birthday dessert with sparklers!
What an awesome birthday! Thanks to my family and friends for making it so special!


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