Free Budgeting Kit from LearnVest

Thanks to a fellow blogger (the California Coupon Diva), I just found out about a free online budgeting tool called LearnVest - Just what I needed!

LearnVest Free Budgeting Kit

I have to admit, besides writing MOST of my debit card transactions down in my checkbook, I've been terrible at really keeping track of my finances and taking a hard look at where all of my hard-earned dollars are going. But after vacations, birthday celebrations, and other fun I've had this past month, I've realized how important budgeting is (even though it is SO not fun!)

So I signed up for this free budgeting kit and set up my budget really quickly and easily. Now I can add each transaction into different categories of my budget and see where my money is really going and how well I'm sticking to my budget each month. The LearnVest budgeting tool puts everything into visual charts and graphs, as well as providing recommendations for your budget. Of course, you can also purchase more advanced versions if you really want to get serious about budgeting. (I'll stick with free!)

Now I will be much more aware of my spending habits, meaning no more unnecessary purchases (I'll miss you, impulse buys!) or eating out just because I'm too lazy to cook. But it will be worth it I'm sure. I may also try the cash and envelopes method to help curb spending even more.

What are your best budgeting tips?

I was not compensated for this post in any way.


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