BestMark Mystery Shopping Program

I've always wanted to be a mystery shopper, but I never knew how to get "hired" for the job. Then I discovered BestMark, a mystery shop company headquartered near my hometown in Minnesota.

BestMark was founded in 1986 to help leading companies close the gap between the promise of service excellence and its actual delivery. Today, BestMark is one of the nation's largest customer experience measurement and mystery shopping companies.

I recently participated in a mystery shop for BestMark at a local car dealership. I got an oil change and took note of everything indicated on my shop instructions, then uploaded my receipts and filled out a detailed survey to complete the shop. The payment for this shop was $20 plus I'll get reimbursed for what I paid for the oil change, so I should be getting a $50+ dollar check! I also completed one other smaller shop in the past at a sandwich shop and got reimbursed for lunch for me and a friend. I'm looking forward to doing more mystery shopping this summer!

If you're interested in being a mystery shopper, BestMark provides mystery shopping opportunities across the nation - Just sign up and search your zip code for opportunities near you. (Be sure to include Shopper ID MN9069 in the application as the shopper who referred you!)


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