Easter Inspiration: DIY Easter Bunny Baskets & Party Decor

Easter is almost here, and I have some inspiring ideas for you!

Milk Jug Easter Bunny Baskets

Recycled Milk Jug Easter Bunny BasketsRecycled Milk Jug Easter Bunny Baskets

Recycled Milk Jug Easter Bunny Baskets

When my siblings and I were very young, our grandfather made these Easter Bunny baskets for us. He loved holidays and was so crafty!

All he did was cut the top off of a milk jug to form bunny ears, used a hole punch and yarn to decorate the border, and then permanent marker to draw the bunny's face. Fill with colored grass and candy.

So easy, yet so cute and makes a fun keepsake!

DIY Candy Centerpiece

DIY Easter Candy Centerpiece

Having guests over for Easter dinner? Create an easy DIY Candy Centerpiece! Not only is it a nice table decoration, but guests can take the candy sticks home as favors or eat the candy after dinner.

Use hot glue to attach cute Easter candies to wooden skewers. Arrange the candy sticks in floral foam placed in a decorative vase. Top the vase with colored grass, and voila!

Easter Tree Centerpiece

DIY Easter Tree Centerpiece

My grandmother suggested this idea - Cut a branch off of a bush or tree a few weeks before Easter (this branch is from a dogwood bush) and put it in a vase with water. Decorate with hanging eggs and Easter ornaments, and watch the branches sprout with leaves and new life just in time for Easter dinner!

Dyed Easter Eggs

Dyed Easter Egg Techniques

Dyeing Easter eggs is probably one of the most common Easter traditions. This year I discovered a couple new techniques:
  •  Wrap rubber bands around eggs before placing in dye to create white stripes
  • Use permanent markers to draw names or doodles on eggs after dyeing them

What are some of your Easter traditions? 


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