DIY Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers under $10

Christmas always seems so far away until about the month of September, when time speeds by and the holidays come way too fast. So, it never hurts to plan ahead and take advantage of after-Christmas sales, summer sidewalk sales, and even the garage sale season to stock up on gifts and craft supplies.

Here are some fun and easy DIY Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers under $10 that I made this past Christmas:

Candy Cane Poppers

 DIY Christmas PoppersDIY Christmas Poppers
Like traditional Christmas poppers, only personalized and inexpensive!
  1. Collect empty toilet paper rolls.
  2. Tape gift wrap around each tube to cover the cardboard roll. (I had candy cane gift wrap left from the previous year, but you can use any gift wrap you have on hand, depending on the occasion.)
  3. Fill the rolls with candy and little gifts. (I filled mine with Bath & Body Works mini hand sanitizers, candy, and coupons for free food.)
  4. Wrap rolls with cellophane leaving about 2 inches extra at each end.
  5. Twist ends and tie with ribbon.
  6. Place on each dinner plate for a fun after-dinner activity, stuff in Christmas stockings, or use as party favors for a birthday party!

 Goodie Bags

Goodie Bag Stocking Stuffer
 A simple and cute way to present any gift or stocking stuffer.
  1. Buy cellophane bags from your local craft store. (I got mine at Michaels during a Black Friday sale, and also used them to make the Candy Cane Poppers above.)
  2. Fill with goodies! I went to a fancy candy store and got some fun things like Harry Potter "Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans" for my brother, and Sen Sen -an old-fashioned candy- for my mom.
  3. Tie with pretty ribbon. 
  4. For an extra special touch, use personalized ribbon to tie each bag like I did!


DIY Reinbeer Christmas GiftDIY Reinbeer Christmas Gift
A perfect gift for the special man in your life!
  1. Buy a 6-pack of bottled beer. (Preferably the receiver's favorite kind!)
  2. Buy brown pipe cleaners, colored pom poms, and googly eyes at a craft store. I found them all at Michaels.
  3. Using hot glue, affix two eyes to each bottle stem. Make sure the label is facing forward.
  4. Glue one pom pom below each set of eyes, for the nose. 
  5. Wrap brown pipe cleaner around top of the bottle, right underneath the cap. Twist and then stick the two ends up in a V-shape. Then simply bend into antler-like shapes. 
  6. That's it, you're done! Easy!
I've seen other versions with brown pom-poms for all noses except one (Rudolph), but I bought a pack of all red pom-poms and made them all matching. It was cuter that way, in my opinion. The world needs more Rudolph's anyway. ;)


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