Why Wait - Let's Celebrate! Pull-Ups® House Party

Pull-Ups House Party

I was recently selected to host another House Party! This time, it was the Why Wait - Let's Celebrate! Pull-Ups® House Party.

My niece Sophia is two years old and starting to get interested in potty training, so this was a perfect chance to learn some potty training tips and, of course, a good excuse to have a party. We also celebrated my dad's birthday at the same time, so it was a 2-for-1!

We celebrated with our Pull-Ups House Party pack, which included: Party hats, noise-makers, stickers, training rewards charts, coloring sheets, awesome coupon books, and packs of Pull-Ups. We had a delicious meal, did some coloring, and played a game of "Toss the Ball in the Potty". My mom pulled out the vintage potty chair that she used as a child, so we used that for our game. Sophia also tried out the chair as practice. To end the fun party, we watched home videos of us as babies and potty-training age children. Oh, the memories!

Here is a glimpse of the fun we had:

Disclosure: I was selected as a House Party host and received a free party pack with some great things to try.


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