PAWS Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Walk - Dogs in Costume!

Recently, my dad and I took our dogs on a chilly Halloween adventure: We participated in the Annual P.A.W.S. Trick or Treat fundraiser walk - a fun costumed walk to raise funds for a local animal shelter. 

My dog dressed as a Mexican chihuahua for Halloween
Dotty dressed as a chihuahua since everyone mistakes her for one
Not only did our fundraising efforts go to a good cause, but the event was a good excuse to dress up my dog (and myself!) and walk around town to different Trick or Treat stops! The treats were, of course, for the pets - although there were a few fun human treats too.

Goodies from the Trick or Treat walk
This was Dotty and my second year participating in the event, but it was my dad and Mocha's first time. It was quite a cold day, but we enjoyed it nonetheless!

My dad's sweet dog Mocha in a red bandana
My dog in her little sombrero for Halloween
Dotty in a tiny sombrero & a mustache drawn on with non-toxic washable marker


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