What's Making C4L Happy This Week - Podcasts and Pets 8.18.12

I recently discovered an awesome podcast from NPR called Pop Culture Happy Hour, which I listen to daily at work. It's fun, entertaining, informative, and makes me smile. At the end of the segment, each person on the podcast shares what's making them happy that week in pop culture. 

So, I've decided that each week I'm going to post about what's making me, Cheapskate4Life, happy. I'll share some of my favorite things at the end of each week, whether it be products, shopping deals, recipes, entertainment, or just random stuff! And of course I'd love to hear what makes YOU happy this week too - Just leave a comment on the post!

Without further ado, here is what's making me happy this week:

NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast 
Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry
 What can I say, it satisfies my sweet tooth! 
Cuddly Pets
Perfect for rainy days and Mondays


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