Kindle Fire Winner

Remember a couple months ago when I blogged about the new novel Socialpunk by Monica Leonelle during the Socialpunk blog tour? Maybe you don't... But I sure do!

As part of that blog tour, the author held a contest for all blog readers where she gave away lots of great prizes. She also held a prize giveaway for blog tour participants as an incentive for blogging about her new novel. I just so happened to be chosen as the Kindle Fire winner in the blog tour participant giveaway!

My Kindle Fire arrived a couple weeks ago, and I'm not going to lie - I felt like a child on Christmas morning when I saw the box on my doorstep. I absolutely love it and use it for reading all of the free Kindle books I've scored over the past couple years, watching Netflix, and browsing Facebook and Pinterest. My boyfriend bought me a nice case for it that converts to a stand, which makes for easier Netflix viewing and reading. I love being able to read without holding a book open, especially at night when I'm reading in bed.


And apparently I'm not the only lucky one because my dog Dotty just won a blog giveaway from The Davis Daily Dose! Ok, technically I entered the contest for her... But she gets the prizes since they are Toys R Us Pets dog toys. She is so spoiled! ...But then again, I probably am too. :)

What is the best prize you've ever won?


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