Kohl's $10 Free Promotional Gift Offers

Over the past couple of months I've been getting several $10 Free Promotional Gift offers from Kohl's -  Two via email, one in store, and two via regular mail. I know one was for my birthday in May and a couple were to celebrate our local store's re-design, but I'm wondering if anyone else has been getting these promotional offers?

The offer is pretty awesome - $10 off any item in the store as long as your purchase is at least $10, and you can use other coupons and discounts on the purchase too. Obviously, this keeps me shopping at Kohl's which I assume is the purpose; But since I went to the store with the mission of only buying one item with the promotional offer, I didn't end up spending a whole paycheck on clothing I didn't need because of it (which can sometimes happen with offers like this!)

With my last two offers, I scored some sweet deals. I found a cute workout top - originally for $30, on sale for $18, minus the $10 promotion and $1.20 off with the 15% Kohl's Charge discount, which brought the total down to $6.80 for the workout tank.

I also scored a pair of Lauren Conrad black leggings - originally priced at $20, on sale for $13.99, minus the $10 off promo and 15% off discount, for a total price of $3.39.

I just received yet another $10 promotion via email so I will be going back this week to see what else I can find. I'm thinking I will look for an outfit or blanket for my soon-to-be-arriving nephew or niece!

Have you received an offer like this from Kohl's?


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