How to Remove Yourself from Charter Communications Spam Lists

Charter, my internet service provider, constantly calls me, day in and day out using different numbers to offer new or additional services; I also receive calls from third party marketing groups who have received my information from Charter along with unwanted mailings.

I just found out how to remove myself from these spam lists. I personally don't appreciate that I have to opt out in order to remove myself from these lists, as well as the fact that it's not commonly known how to opt out - otherwise I would have done this years ago!

If you have a similar problem with Charter, follow these steps to remove yourself from the lists:
  1. Log into your Charter account online. 
  2. Click on 'Your Privacy Rights' at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Next click on 'Privacy Preferences.' 
  4. Fill out the form, including your phone number. Account number is required. 
  5. Check all the boxes to stop calls and/or direct mailings. Make sure to also check the box that says: "Please do not share my information with unaffiliated third parties for their own marketing purposes."
  6. Submit the form.
Here is what the Charter Privacy Preferences page states:

This form lets you manage how Charter Communications sends marketing messages to you. If you don't want to be contacted for marketing purposes by email, phone or direct mail, or if you don't want your information shared with unaffiliated third parties, please fill out the form below.

In addition to this form, you can also call 1-888-GET CHARTER if you prefer to speak with a Charter Communications representative regarding the removal of your information.

To remove yourself from Charter's e-mail marketing list, please click here
To remove yourself from Charter’s targeted marketing ads, please click here
View our Privacy Policy

Just thought I'd share this information if anyone else is constantly plagued with phone calls from Charter Communications (877-313-3742.)  

Hopefully this makes your life a little easier!


♥ Shar said…

I'm Shar! New follower from the Weekend Blog Walk, blog hop! Come visit me over at

My hubby actually works for Charter Communications! :p

LOVE your blog!

xoxo -Shar
Anonymous said…
I tried this several times but Charter kept sending me junk mail that I didn't want. I had to file a complaint with the BBB to get it to stop.
Jemmeh said…
Thank you so much! After opening the 10th letter from them I decided to hunt down how to cancel it. It's really hidden in there! I just hope it works, they are known for not following the rules.

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