DIY Upcycled Tank Top

Recently I created a project that I found on another blog and wanted to share my experience; It's a DIY tank top made from an old t-shirt - perfect for workouts or walking the dog! The full instructions and original idea is posted at Dollars, Sense & More.

This project is really easy and only took me about 20 minutes. The best part is, it involves NO sewing! Basically you cut off the sleeves, cut along the collar, then cut the collar down 1.5 more inches. After that, cut more off the sleeves so that they are about an inch from the collar to create about 1 inch straps. Then you take a strip of cloth that you cut off and use that to tie the straps together in the back.

I didn't cut mine perfectly even but I don't mind since it's mostly for working out. I plan on making another one sometime; It was fun, easy, and a great way to upcycle old t-shirts!


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