Child's Craft - Hand & Foot Print Flowers

Hand & Foot Print Flowers
A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon the perfect children's craft idea while browsing Pinterest (of course!) - Hand and foot print flowers. It is simple, fun, and a cute keepsake for small children to make for their moms for Mother's Day or any day of the year. We decided to help my 18-month-old niece Sophia create her own portrait to give my sister for Mother's Day. We kept it pretty simple, but the flowers can be customized however you like - older children can even make a whole bouquet for their moms! You'll need:
  • Paper or Poster Board
  • Washable Paints
  • Sponge or Paint Brush
  • A Kid 
  • Washcloth/Paper Towels
  • Frame (optional)
We chose red and blue paint for her hands to make the flower buds and then a green footprint for each leaf. After the prints were down, I drew the stems with green paint and a sponge brush. I also wrote her name and the date along one of the stems. We framed the picture after it dried, and voila! - a perfect Mother's Day keepsake!

I will admit, this is a two-person job if you're working with a small toddler, unless you don't mind getting paint everywhere. With two of us, we still ended up making a bit of a mess. But Sophia's hand and foot prints turned out pretty well after the 2nd or 3rd try! This is an simple craft to make and doesn't require many materials - you probably have most or all of them in your house already. Translation: It's cheap and easy. And kids will love using their hands and feet to create a masterpiece (and make a mess!)


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