Take Me Out To The Ball Game

I won Twins tickets!
Last week at work, our party planning committee put on several Earth Week events for employees. One of the events of the week was donating supplies to the local animal shelter for a chance to win raffle prizes. I have a soft spot for animals, so of course I donated a lot of supplies, and I ended up winning two tickets to a Minnesota Twins baseball game in May! It's the week of my birthday so it will be double the fun! Just had to share that exciting news!

Rocky, the escape artist
Speaking of having a soft spot for animals, my cat Rocky somehow pawed open the sliding glass deck door and escaped late last night. I discovered the open door a half hour later, looked around the neighborhood with a flashlight in the chilly, wet grass for two hours, and was so sad and disheartened when I couldn't find him. It was after midnight when I did one last check on the front steps before I turned the front light off, and wouldn't you know who came sulking up with a big tail and a scared look on his face - Rocky, my little escape artist! I was so happy to see him again and it felt like a miracle that he appeared right as I did one last check on the front steps before giving up on the search for the night!

Never a dull moment for Cheapskate4Life!


Robin Lott Lodermeier said…
Congrats on the win!!! And I am soo glad for you that you little escape artist came back, he is so beautiful.

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