"S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim" by Cynthia Sass - How to lose weight the healthy way

Cynthia Sass, the creator and co-author of the New York Times Bestselling Flat Belly Diet, presents her new break-through, 30-day weight loss program S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim. Part one is a 5-Day Fast Forward option that jump starts your results. It calls for four simple meals a day, made from just five foods: spinach, almonds, raspberries, eggs, and yogurt. Cynthia selected these foods because each is filling, rich in detoxifying and health-protecting nutrients, and has been scientifically shown to specifically support weight loss. Using these five superior foods in various combinations daily for five days gives your body, mind, and taste buds a fresh start and is said to help you shed up to eight pounds quickly.

Part two is a 25-day plan which also calls for four meals a day, but now draws from a broad but specific array of food choices.The Core is based on cutting edge research and three key rules that work together to provide real and lasting results:
Rule #1: Eat Like Clockwork. Cynthia says that meal timing is important — you must eat breakfast within an hour of waking up and space the remaining meals evenly throughout the day, no sooner than three and no more than five hours apart, in order to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels and hunger hormones; reset and rev up metabolism; and keep feeling energized.
Rule #2: Think 5 Pieces 4 Times a Day. Each meal in the S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim plan is constructed as a unique “puzzle” made from five pieces: produce, a whole grain, lean protein, plant-based fat, and specific seasonings — or, as Cynthia refers to them, SASS (more about that below). Following the plan is as easy as knowing what the five pieces of the puzzle are and how much of each one to include at every meal.
Rule #3: Make Flavor Your Focus. S.A.S.S. — the fifth piece of the puzzle — stands for Slimming and Satiating Seasonings: vinegar, citrus juice or zest, hot peppers, tea, and herbs and spices. These five additions not only add flavor to the meals without excess calories or sodium, they are scientifically proven to maximize your body’s fat-burning furnace and are rich in antioxidants, which have been linked to lower body-fat levels, even without dieting.
The book also includes chapters on emotional eating, falling in love with walking, and an entire chapter devoted to the health and weight loss benefits of the daily dark chocolate escape.

My Thoughts:
I personally am following the Atkins low-carb lifestyle that will eventually include more healthy carbs like whole grains once I get closer to my goal and start lifetime maintenance. Surprisingly, most of the principles in S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim fit pretty well with my current plan. Cynthia's focus on healthy foods and fiber-rich, healthy carbs in the right proportions is what the Atkins plan teaches in the later phases of Atkins. The five foods in the 5-Day Fast Forward of this book are all part of a low-carb diet also: spinach, almonds, raspberries, eggs, and yogurt. I personally can't eat yogurt because of dairy allergies, but I already eat lots of spinach, almonds, and eggs. These really are super-foods and should be included in everyone's diet.

Cynthia Sass has really done her research and I am impressed with how healthy and spot-on her program is. She explains why certain foods or substances are bad choices and why other foods are more nutritious. She de-bunks common diet myths and also goes beyond food choices alone, which I feel is really important. Her chapter on emotional eating is so important because being overweight is a very psychological thing for most people. I truly believe that without self-love and self-respect, no amount of diet books, weight-loss plans or tools will help you lose weight and keep it off the healthy way. It all starts with your mindset and your self-esteem. So I'm glad that S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim promotes an overall healthy lifestyle and addresses emotional eating as well.

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