Random Happenings of Cheapskate4Life - Road Trip to Des Moines

Recently I took a trip to Des Moines, Iowa to visit my friends Cynthia and Suman who had recently bought a house there. I realized, while driving the 3.5 hours, that this was the first time I had driven out of my state by myself. It was quite a revelation. I think this Cheapskate needs to explore the world a little more! :) Of course with gas prices these days, road trips aren't always an option... So if you have any tips for saving money while traveling, please share in a comment below!

Here are some photos from my trip. It was so much fun and Des Moines is an awesome city - I had no idea! There was so much to do and see, and of course it was fun to catch up with my friends and see their wonderful home!

Des Moines Sculpture Park

Suman is a professional chef; He made shrimp, broccoli and quinoa for dinner - it was delicious!
We had Sunday brunch at Americana, which included Make-Your-Own bloody mary's and mimosas!


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