New single "All This Joy" by Matt Singer, and kid-friendly web series

Family Records recently launched a fun web series featuring one of their artists, Matt Singer, and the co-star of his upcoming music video "All This Joy," a squirrel puppet called Martin. The series was co-created by former Muppets/Sesame Street puppeteer Melissa Creighton, and will a feature funny, 2 minute, kid-friendly sketch posted on Matt's Tumblr each Friday leading up to the release of Matt's new album The Build on April 26th. The videos are great to watch with your kids, and the music is catchy for all ages.

I recently got a sneak peek at the single "All This Joy", which is available now to the public - Check it out here! I really enjoy this song - it's upbeat, fun, and catchy.You can hear part of the song in the fun video below - Episode 2, and check out the rest of the humorous "Matt and Martin" videos on Matt Singer's Tumblr page.


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