Fun Easter Ideas: Colored Deviled Eggs and Doggy Easter Baskets

Easter is a special time of year for my family, and we always get together at my parents house with our relatives to celebrate the holiday. Everyone brings a dish to pass and we play a dice game with white elephant gifts. This year, I decided to bring a dish worth remembering: Colored Deviled Eggs.

I found the idea on Pinterest (of course!) and found that it was really easy to do. You can view the recipe and instructions on the Foodjimoto blog, but essentially you make deviled eggs like normal except that you put the egg white halves in cups of water with food coloring for several minutes to dye them before filling the halves with the deviled egg filling. Like I said, it's very easy. I did find that I put 6 or so drops of food coloring in each cup versus the 3 drops the instructions called for.

I took a big batch of these to work for a goodie day on Friday and then made a smaller batch for Easter dinner. I got so many compliments on these at work - everyone wanted to know how to make them... Leave it to Pinterest to make me feel just like Martha Stewart! :)

Another idea I thought of to make this Easter a little different was to make Doggy Easter Baskets for the dogs in our family. I have a small dog, Dotty, my parents have a big lab, and my cousin has a medium size dog that are all going to be at our Easter celebration tomorrow. And I figured since everyone is grown up and we don't get Easter baskets anymore, why not do something for our pets this year instead? So I put together some simple and fun Easter baskets filled with several treats, tennis balls, and doggy toothbrushes for the little dogs and an oral care foam for the big lab. I couldn't help including something healthy for them instead of just treats and goodies. (I must have learned that from my parents - Every year for Christmas we get a new toothbrush and toothpaste in our stockings.)

Dotty, my biggest fan!
This basket idea can also work for cats or other pets. It's kind of fun to include them in holiday celebrations, since they are part of the family, afterall! And, if you want to get really into it, you could hide the basket somewhere relatively easy to sniff out and see if your dog can find it. I might try this with Dotty tomorrow - If there's food involved, she will find it! Another idea would be to hide dog treats randomly around the house and make a game out of it to hone your dog's hunting skills.

Happy Easter!


what a great idea!!! I pinned them in two different places!
Emma B. said…
Thank you Caren! :)

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