Cottonelle Roll Covers Party

Cottonelle is a brand of bath tissue that I'm sure you've all heard of. It's known for it's soft, rippled texture and luxurious feel. Now, Cottonelle is offering Jonathan Adler-designed roll covers that keep your spare roll covered in a cute, stylish way while at the same time ensuring that house guests will always know where the extra toilet paper is without having to dig through your bathroom cabinets.

I was recently chosen by Mom Central Consulting to host an in-home Cottonelle Roll Cover Party to celebrate the new Cottonelle designer roll covers. Each of my guests received a Jonathan Adler roll cover and a roll of Cottonelle toilet paper, and we enjoyed lots of yummy food! Mom Central generously supplied me with a $50 American Express gift card to purchase the party supplies, so I was able to buy ingredients for some fun recipes including a fun Fiesta Meatballs recipe I tried for the first time.

I also made some crafts for the kids to play with using empty toilet paper rolls. I made little finger puppet animals using toilet paper rolls, colored craft paper, and pipe cleaners. It was really easy, and instead of dealing with glue (since I tend to make huge messes), I stapled the colored paper around the rolls and just bent the tops of the rolls down to make the head/ears, used glue dots for the eyes and other body parts, and stapled the pipe cleaner to the back of the roll to make arms. It was a fun little project and the girls enjoyed playing with the owl, frog, and piggy puppets during the party! 

Also just a note for anyone who shops at Cub Foods grocery store, I just went grocery shopping today and Cub currently has an in-store coupon for Cottonelle 12-pack Double Roll bath tissue for $5.99 and you can buy up to two. This saves about $3.20 off of the usual cost for this item at Cub, so I stocked up on two packages of Cottonelle! This store coupon expires on Saturday, April 28th and can be found in the weekly coupon book inside any Cub Foods store (or ask the cashier for it; they always have store coupons on hand at the checkout.)

 I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting, on behalf of Cottonelle, and received product samples and a promotional item to facilitate my party.


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