Music Together Lullabies CD & Rainmaker Shaker Review

For nearly 25 years, Music Together has been educating parents on the importance of early childhood musical education. Playing music at home is a great way to foster your child's love of music from an early age and help them discover new abilities. Music Together is dedicated to helping your child grow through music from birth with CDs, music classes, and child-friendly instruments.

Music is proven to soothe baby in the womb so it makes sense to continue using music to soothe and educate your child after they are born. The Music Together Lullabies CD introduces soothing sounds and lullabies to baby. This CD consists of 18 lullabies, including classic traditional lullabies (Brahms' Lullaby), folk songs from around the world (My Bonnie, Shenandoah), and originally written music (SleepyHead, May All Children.) I really enjoyed listening to these songs and sharing them with Sophia. The singers on this CD have wonderful, calming voices and I like that each song uses unique instruments; For example my personal favorite song on the CD, Shenandoah, utilizes acoustic guitar and harmonica along with a smooth male voice. Another song I really enjoy is Duermete Nino Bonito, which is a traditional Spanish folk song.

The booklet that comes with the CD explains each song - it's origins and meanings - and then also provides some tips and suggestions for each song. For example, some songs have suggested variations to the lyrics for a parent who is singing to/with the child, like including the child's name, humming the tune, or using syllables in place of the words. Other songs suggest times and places to listen to the songs with your child, and/or ways to incorporate education to a song.

As a musical person myself, I love the idea of introducing music to children early in their lives and using music to bond with the child. It's also fun to see a child's creativity come alive with music, especially when they can learn how to use an instrument. The mini-rainmaker shaker was a great first instrument for Sophia. It's visually appealing colors combined with the tranquil sound of rain when shook makes it a great toy to incorporate sound into play. She enjoyed turning it upside down and hearing the noise it made. This instrument went along really well with the Lullabies CD since it isn't too stimulating or loud.

The Music Together Lullabies CD is a great way to introduce music to your child. And honestly, the songs are nice to listen to as an adult too, even though it's meant for parents and children to listen to together. I enjoy listening to it as calming background music while working on projects or blogging.

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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