Apply to host a Pull-Ups House Party - 500 spots guaranteed!

Hurry and apply for the Pull-Ups House Party to get a guaranteed spot! The first 500 people to apply — who have a potty training child — will get to host a Your Day, Your Way: Pull-Ups® Potty Dance House Party. Don’t miss your chance to start the potty training journey the FUN way with Pull-Ups® and House Party. At your party, toddlers will get excited to start potty training as they learn The Potty Dance, and stay motivated along the way. 

Get your potty training party started
Sign up to host a party on February 25 and you and your Big Kid® are sure to have a blast! Everyone will have so much fun singing and dancing that they'll never look at potty training the same way again! 

Hurry, you only have until January 26 to apply! But only the first 500 applicants are guaranteed!
Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:
  • Pull-Ups® coupons
  • Pull-Ups® DVD and dance mat
  • Pull-Ups® Potty Dance rewards stickers
  • Pull-Ups® Potty Dance door hangers
  • Potty Dance Inflatable guitar
  • And more
If you're not a member of House Party, you can easily sign up and then apply for this party!  I have hosted two House Parties before for the PlayStation Move and Playstation Everybody Dance game. It's a lot of fun and the party packs are awesome! It's completely free and all you have to do is invite people to your party, take pictures and/or video and post them to the House Party site afterward!


Dawn said…
This is a great party to have with all the freebies you get! Mine are all out of diapers/pull ups but for anyone that still has kids that needs them, what a great opp! Following you back from the Alexa hop! :)
Lena & Alex said…
Thank u for sharing - cool

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