Longstem Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizer {Giveaway & Review}

The Longstem Jewelry Organizer was invented in 2006 by Alison Albanese who had long searched for a way to store and organize a lifetime of collected jewelry. After much experimentation, she developed an organizer that would hold a large amount of jewelry, could hang on a closet door or wall, and would allow the entire jewelry collection to be viewed in one glance.

I received the Bronze Longstem Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizer for review, and I am completely impressed and pleased with it! This is the ultimate jewelry organizer and the solution to my accessory problem: In the past, I had jewelry stored on random hooks and in pouch holders, but it took so much time to find coordinating pieces and determine what would look good with my outfit that I simply didn't bother wearing any jewelry.

I didn't realize what a difference it would make to have all of my jewelry in one spot, fully visible and within reach. I can just glance at my Longstem over-the-door organizer and visually pick out a coordinating necklace, bracelet, and earrings to go with my outfits, then just grab them off the hooks and go! It not only saves me time in getting ready for the day, but it also makes me more fashionable and stylish now that I'm actually wearing coordinating jewelry with my outfits!

I love the over-the-door feature simply for the fact that I hung mine on my closet door so that I can literally pick out an entire outfit, including accessories, without having to leave my closet! I did find that the organizer is almost too wide for the panel of my closet door, but it still works and looks really good. It almost looks like part of my bedroom decor! Plus, if you don't want it on your door or if it doesn't fit on your closet, the organizer also comes with wall mounts (hardware included) to hang the organizer on the wall. I love that! I might decide to mount it to my wall in the future if I decide I don't like it on my closet door, but for now I really like where it is.

 Besides the versatility of the jewelry organizer itself, the quality is superb with sturdy wire hooks and parts made of heavy duty, powder coated steel. The set up and design of the organizer is also fantastic - it makes so much sense! There are several different size hooks (38 to be exact) for bracelets, necklaces, watches, rings, and I even hung my sunglasses from some of the hooks. Then there is the "grate" for hanging and posting earrings. Plus there is a plastic tray that sits atop the grate that has six compartments for random things and small pieces. The Longstem Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizer holds over 300 pieces of jewelry! 

I love this organizer, and if you own jewelry, you will love it too. This is a great gift idea for the holidays for any woman you know. The Over-the-Door organizer is available in both bronze and white, and Longstem offers a few other jewelry organizer styles including a corner organizer. And - not to leave anyone out - Longstem also offers a Men's Organizer that can be used for belts, ties, sunglasses, and more. I highly recommend these!

Longstem is also generously providing a Bronze Over-The-Door Jewelry  Organizer to one of my lucky readers. Enter the giveaway below!

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Bronze Over-the-Door Jewelry Organizer ($59.99 Value)!
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Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


pmbaby said…
Hey this would work great behind my bedroom door!!
Hannah said…
I love how much jewelry it holds!

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