Kyjen Hide a Squirrel Puzzle Plush Dog Toy Review

Kyjen is a company that designs and makes unique, quality products that keep dogs active and engaged. From toys and games to puzzles and travel products, Kyjen offers a huge selection of unique dog products at fair prices.

I am falling in love with Kyjen's dog toys! Or rather, my dog Dotty is! Her new favorite toy is the Hide a Squirrel. This toy is part of the Kyjen Puzzle Plush line, which consists of dog toy "puzzles" that work in reverse of regular puzzles -- The dog takes toys out, you put them back in. These toys challenge and develop a dog's intelligence and problem-solving skills. They also exercise the dog's natural instinct to search, stalk and capture its prey.

The Hide a Squirrel toy includes a large plush tree stump with a hole in the top and sides. Then there are three small squirrels, each with their own squeaker, that fit inside the tree. It didn't take Dotty very long to figure out the concept of the toy; Right away, she started pulling the squirrels out through the holes in the tree. Sometimes I have to squeak them to let her know she's supposed to come and find them. She will pull them out one by one and place them in a nearby pile to collect her "prey". Most of time, this pile ends up being right at my feet to let me know she's "caught a squirrel".

This toy is one-of-a-kind and keeps Dotty entertained and occupied, even while she's playing on her own. I also like how versatile this toy is - I can hide treats or other toys inside the tree for a fun, new twist on the game. Dotty not only enjoys the game of removing squirrels from the stump, but she also enjoys squeaking the squirrels as individual toys and playing fetch with them too. The Hide a Squirrel is made of machine washable fabric and is a durable, high-quality toy that's made to last. I love this concept and Dotty loves her Puzzle Plush toy! We highly recommend this toy for any pup!

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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