Track Your Packages with UPS My Choice

I just discovered UPS My Choice to help me track my packages before they arrive! This is great for me as a blogger since I receive packages almost daily, but it's also great for anyone who signs up for freebies or shops online!

UPS My Choice gives you a new level of flexibility and control over home deliveries, with delivery alerts before the first delivery attempt (including approximate delivery time), and the power to redirect or reschedule to fit your needs. You can authorize a shipment release online which gives UPS the authorization to deliver packages without a signature for drop-off when you're not going to be home to sign for the package. Plus you can request packages to be held for pickup at a UPS facility. You will also be able to have ability to reroute or reschedule the packages for a $5 fee per use.

The thing I like most about UPS My Choice is getting notifications by email about packages that are on their way to my house. I just received my first notification that one of my products for an upcoming review will be delivered Monday 11/28 by the end of the day. It not only alerted me of when that a shipment would arrive, it also provided me with a tracking number and listed the company that shipped the product, so I know what item to expect and when!


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