Playstation Everybody Dance House Party

 A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to host a Playstation Everybody Dance House Party. If you haven't heard of House Party, it's an awesome program where you can apply for parties and if you get chosen, you are sent a party pack full of goodies and all they ask in return is that you post photos, videos, etc. of your party afterward! You can also participate in the forum conversations about the party, download party materials and ideas, and connect with other party hosts.

This was my second House Party - last year I was chosen for the Playstation Move party which was very exciting because we got the Playstation Move controllers and games before it was released to everyone else! So since I already had the Move controllers, applying for the Playstation Everybody Dance party was an obvious choice since the game is played with the Playstation Move. I was lucky enough to get chosen, and I hosted the party on October 15. The party pack included:
  • 1 Everybody Dance™ game for the PS3™
  • 1 PlayStation®Move demo disc
  • 18 Coupons to save on an Everybody Dance™ Starter Kit
  • 18 Everybody Dance™ cups
  • 18 Everybody Dance™ coasters
  • 18 Everybody Dance™ bracelets
  • 18 Glitter tubes (9 black light and 9 dry glitter)

Everybody Dance was so much fun - it was even more exciting than I expected! It was different than DDR, because it not only showed the basic moves going across the screen but also had a real dancer showing you exactly what the moves are, so it was easy to watch the dancer and mimic their moves! It made me feel like I can actually dance (a little!) Ha! Even my parents got into it and had fun dancing. Plus the song lyrics appeared on the bottom of the screen, and in the upper left corner of the screen the actual music video played too. There were lots of great songs and a variety of music and skill levels. We also tried the other features like choreographing our own dance, having a dance-off, team dancing, and there's even a dance workout feature! Very cool. Here are some photos from my party:

And here's a video clip of what one of the dances was like:



pmbaby said…
hahahaha. I loved it!!!! Thanks for the party:)
Slade said…
We look so dumb in that video. Lol!

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