Annie Chun's Sampling

As part of the Mom's Meet ambassador program, I was given the opportunity to try Annie Chun's Seaweed Snacks and other Annie Chun's foods with a group.

The Annie Chun's sampling pack included: Annie Chun’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks in Wasabi and Sesame flavors and an Annie Chun’s bag filled with a soup bowl and noodle bowl, plus packages of Annie Chun’s Rice Express, Annie Chun’s Plain Noodles, and Annie Chun’s sauce.

We made some amazing shrimp rolls with the seaweed wraps and sticky rice, and then we made Pad Thai with the noodles and sauce, along with homemade eggrolls that we dipped in the Annie Chun's sauce. It was very tasty! We did try the seaweed snacks alone, which is how they are primarily meant to be eaten (like eating chips), but we found that they were much tastier when paired with other foods like the shrimp and rice rather than eating them plain.

 I also participated in the Mom's Meet Annie Chun's Facebook Party and was selected as one of five party winners! I won a $25 gift card to Target, plus a gift basket from Annie Chun's. Sweet!


pmbaby said…
My favorite was the dipping sauces. Great on the noodles and for dips with eggrolls. Thank you

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