P.A.W.S. Trick or Treat Fundraising Walk

A couple weeks ago, my dog Dotty and I participated in the P.A.W.S. Trick or Treat Walk in a nearby small town to raise money for a local animal shelter. P.A.W.S. stands for Providing Animals With Shelter, and this year's walkers in the Trick or Treat Walk (around 75) raised over $5000!

Thanks to donations from our awesome supporters, Dotty and I surpassed our fundraising goal! The walk was a two-mile walk through town with stops at 10 local businesses and all participants got a trick-or-treat bag to collect "treats" from each stop. Treats included dog treats, food, and toys along with "human" treats including a lunch box, calendar, flower from the local flower shop, books and more. Plus I got the 2011 P.A.W.S. Walk t-shirt which is purple and super cute!

Dotty and I dressed up as pirates and had a great time. We met up with our friends who were also dressed in pirate attire, and our group actually ended up winning 1st place in the People Costume Contest at the end of the walk! We love winning! :) Our group photo was also featured in the newspaper article that week! There were so many great costumes and cute pets at the Walk, and it is a great feeling to know that we helped local animals in need of shelter. Check out the photos below!


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