Low-Cost Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are fun, but they don't need to be expensive! Here are a few low-cost, fun ideas to celebrate a birthday without breaking the bank!

This was my low-cost gift idea for a recent birthday. It is a French Vanilla cake that I made in a bundt pan, and then in the middle hole I stuck a bottle of UV Cake (approximately $11-12), which is an alcoholic beverage that tastes like the sweet confection! I knew it would be a hit and it was a fun idea to incorporate the "Cake" inside the cake.*
*This gift is not intended for anyone under 21!

 My brother's girlfriend came up with this awesome and cheap idea for a birthday surprise - super crazy car decorations! We used streamers to cover my brother's entire car - underneath, over the top, in the tire rims, and on the windshield wipers. Inside, the car is filled with colorful balloons! You can also write "Happy Birthday" on the car windows with car markers if you have them. 

Another idea to save money on gifts is to make your own heartfelt cards out of cardstock and markers or crayons. I love the idea of old-fashioned homemade cards - use glitter, stamps, embellishments or whatever you have on hand! This would make a fun project for kids too.

If you're not creative or don't care to make your own cards, buy packs of cards in bulk sets of at least 8 or more. This will save money in the long run considering a single greeting card in the card aisle usually runs from $2.99 - $4.99. This may not seem like much, but think about it - paying $5 for one card when you can buy a whole pack for that much just seems ridiculous! One of my favorite companies to order cards from is the Current Catalog, they have a great selection of greeting card value packs.

Here's a fun birthday cake I made when my brother turned 18. It was just a regular 2-layer cake and I decorated it with some playing cards and plastic poker chips for the casino-themed birthday party!

Do you have any ideas for low-cost gifts or parties? Share them here with your fellow cheapskates!


Slade said…
I LOVE my birthday. :p
wow those projects are awesome.Thank you sharing...

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