Cystex Better Bladder Challenge

This summer I was given the opportunity to participate in the Cystex Better Bladder Challenge, which was 12 weeks of taking Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex daily in a quest for a better bladder. Cystex helps prevent UTIs and relieves symptoms. Essentially 1 teaspoon of Cystex equals 8 glasses of cranberry juice. It was super easy to just take a teaspoon each day and watch my symptoms and issues disappear!

I was provided with a Flip video camera to create a video update which was featured on the Cystex blog halfway through the challenge. You can view my video HERE. It was great to participate in this challenge, and I truly believe Cystex works and is an awesome product for any women (and men) who want a better bladder! You can view the results of the challenge HERE.

Most recently, I was asked to sign a video release so that my video update could be used by Cystex in a press release, which of course I was happy to do! In return, they sent me 3 more bottles of Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex along with their new Cystex Urinary Pain Relief Tablets. What a great company! I highly recommend these products for anyone who has experienced UTIs. 


Slade said…
You sound way different in real life. Just letting you know. lol

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