Kyjen Extreme Bungee Dog Toy Review

Kyjen is a company that makes unique, innovative dog products to keep dogs active, engaged, and happy. I was able to pick out a toy for my dog Dotty to review, and I chose the Extreme Bungee Dog Toy which is a soft plush toy with a bungee body. 

I was really impressed with how large the toy is - it's actually pretty much the same size as my 10 pound pup and stretches to 19 inches! That's part of the reason I picked the dog-shaped bungee - so that Dotty could not only play with this toy but could also cuddle up next to it at night since it is so soft and cuddly. 

The other reason I chose this toy was because if its many features. It has a bungee body that provides stimulating bounce-back action, and a reinforced webbing strap which provides added strength and durability - perfect for tug-of-war. The head of the Extreme Bungee is large and soft and squeaks when bitten, and the tail end is also a soft plush that rattles, so there's lots of stimulation to keep Dotty engaged. Dotty loves using this toy for everything from fetch to tug-of-war to chewing and squeaking.

The Extreme Bungee toy is more durable than any of Dotty's other toys, and I'm pretty sure it's her favorite. I'm very impressed with how well the Extreme Bungee has held up, it still looks like new after all the playing she has done with it during the past few months (unlike her other toys that have the stuffing ripped out!) I think it will last quite a long time and it keeps her entertained which is what I like about it!

Check out Kyjen's retail website for more innovative dog toys and products!

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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