House Party - I've Been Chosen to Host a PS3 Everybody Dance Party!

I'm so excited! This will be my second time hosting a party through House Party. Last year I got to host a PlayStation®Move party before it came out and got the new Move controllers and games along with party goodies to have a night of fun with friends and family! This year, I once again get to host a Playstation party only this time it's for the new video game Everybody Dance™ for the PlayStation®Move on the PS3™.

We will get to learn dance moves created by world-class choreographers, dance to top pop, hip-hop and club favorites, play in 20-player party mode, create custom routines and have a dance-off! My party will be on October 15 and I'll post pictures afterward - I can't wait!

If you're interested in hosting parties and getting a party pack full of goodies, check out and sign up! There are so many opportunities to apply for, no strings attached and you get to host a fun party like this one.


Jessyca said…
Yay! Congrats! Stoppin by from the blog hop and now following you via GFC and Networked Blogs. Please follow me back at
Thanks have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Question: how do they actually choose people?? Ive been applying for years!! and NEVER EVER been chosen :-( what did you do differently?
thanks , Dawn (Great blog)
Emma B. said…
Hi Dawn! Thanks for your comment! I do know that they choose based on the answers to the application questions as well as demographics - so sometimes they only choose a certain number of people in each area or they may only choose people with kids under 5 or whatnot. As for this party, I believe I got chosen because I do have the PS3 and I had done a Playstation party last year so I think maybe that helped me get chosen? Keep applying - you might be next! :)
Slade said…
Had tons of fun! It was a blast!

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