Cub Foods $5 Off Coupon & Money-Saving Advice

Sign up for the Cub email list and receive a coupon for $5 off your next purchase of $25 or more.  Tell up to five friends and get an additional coupon for each friend that registers for the Cub Foods® Email Savings Program. (Max. five referrals per subscriber.)

Just a note, the expiration date on the coupon will be about a week from the date you sign up, so make sure you sign up shortly before you plan to take your shopping trip!

I also wanted to share some tips for shopping at Cub Foods. These tips may apply to other stores as well, but I have the "insider scoop" at Cubs, plus I learned some tips when I cashiered there in HS :-)

Check Your Receipts - Wrong Pricing Equals Full Refund
If an item rings up differently at checkout than the shelf/advertised price, you can take your receipt to the customer service desk and get a full refund on that product. This doesn't work if you notice it during checkout and tell the cashier, as they will just adjust the price right away before you pay - which is fine too. But if you notice it on the receipt after checking out, you can request a refund at the customer service desk. Either way - DON'T pay more than the advertised price!

New Store Coupons Come Out Every Tuesday
Be sure to use store coupons within the week they're valid and check the new store coupons every Tuesday for new/better deals. You can view weekly store coupons before your shipping trip online HERE by searching your store location for local deals.

"10 for $10" and "2 for $4" Deals Don't Require Purchase of All Items
Most in-store deals that are advertised as 2 for $4 don't require the purchase of 2 items. Each item will ring up as the sale price of $2 so don't feel like you need to get 2 (or 10) items to get that deal. If there is a coupon for this type of sale, it will state on the coupon if you do need to purchase 2 items. But for all advertised deals like this that don't require a coupon - Don't fall into the trap of buying more than you need to!

Get a Rain Check For Out of Stock Deals
When there's a really good deal, sometimes the store runs out of product, but you can get a rain check with the cashier or at customer service which will be good for that deal for up to 2 months. This is a great option if you have a manufacturer's coupon to match up with a store coupon if they're out of stock.

Use Expired Manufacturer's Coupons
Cub Foods current coupon policy is to accept manufacturer's coupons expired up to 3 months. So if your clipped coupon expired last week, don't worry - you can still use it at Cubs! It is good to be aware of these policies, as some cashiers are oblivious to what coupons the store accepts. If questioned, state that this is their coupon policy and ask them to check with a manager.

Match Up Store Coupons and Manufacturers Coupons
This applies to every grocery store, to get the best deal, match up the weekly store deals and coupons to your manufacturer's coupons. Also, the deals on the very front of the store weekly circular (usually meat) are truly good deals, so anything found on that front page is likely to be worth stocking up on.

Got any more coupon tips or grocery shopping advice? 
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