Accent Studios Vinyl Wall Decal Review

Accent Studios specializes in high quality vinyl wall graphics. Vinyl wall decals are an in-expensive way to add great non-permanent designs to your wall space. They are ideal for rentals (residential and commercial), or apartments and dorms; Or an alternative to painting or wall art! These decals work on virtually any wall or surface that you want to bring to life.

I was able to choose a vinyl wall decal from Accent Studios for review and I really wanted a "Welcome" type of graphic to welcome people into my home. I was very impressed with the huge selection of decals and it took me quite awhile to finally decide on one! I chose the Bless This Home Wall Decal 2, which included two color choices, one for the top phrase and one for the bottom phrase.

I thought it was awesome to be able to choose two colors, plus the Preview Your Color feature was unlike anything I've seen on other wall graphic sites! I was able to choose my wall color (in my case, plain white) and then play around with the colors to see what looked best. I chose brown and dark red to go with the decor of my entry and dining room area where I planned to put the decal.

Putting up this vinyl wall decal was surprisingly easy. I had a bit of a struggle getting the initial backing off, but once that was done, adhering the graphic to the wall was incredibly easy. I've done a few other wall decals similar to this in the past and they took forever to get on the wall right and get the second backing off, so I was pretty impressed with the ease of Accent Studios wall vinyl. It only took me about 15 minutes to measure, mark the wall, take off the backing and apply the vinyl. They also made it really easy to line up the two colors by including vinyl crop marks to line up each section and then remove once the decal is up.

Besides the great quality, selections, and options available through Accent Studios, the prices are great as well. The decal I picked was only $25 and it's nice and big! Shipping through the site is just $5 for all orders. Plus, aside from their huge selection and customizing options (size, colors, etc.), Accent Studios can also create custom vinyl based on your own designs! How cool is that!

Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own experiences with the product. Individual results may vary. No other compensation was given.


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