1SaleADay: Free Business Card Holder!

Visit 1SaleADay.com to order your completely FREE Business Card Holder with FREE shipping! They don't ask for credit card info or anything! Here is what you need to do to score this freebie:

Today's item is being offered as 'Free + Free Shipping Gift'. Please join our Facebook fanpage and Twitter fanpage and post a comment/testimonial BEFORE ordering this free gift. Obviously, there's no ultra-secret device we use to see whether you've done so or not, so it's all about the Code of Honor. Receive one business card holder, randomly chosen by our expert team of blindfolded professionals!

Make a great first impression with this stylish business card case, available in a random assortment of 5 colors. Featuring lightweight aluminum construction with an engraveable front, the case will allow you to keep all your business cards stacked neatly. A must have for any professional.


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