Couponing at Your Local Grocery Store

I was doing some quick shopping at my local Hy-Vee the other night (and since it was a last-minute trip, I didn't have any coupons or even a list with me), and when I was at the checkout, I realized the lady in front of me was a coupon queen. She only had four items for two transactions - bottles of ketchup. She purchased 2 bottles of ketchup that were on sale for $.49 cents each at Hy-Vee that day, and then she had a $1 OFF 2 coupon. So once these were rung up, the store actually owed her $.02 cents! She had the other two bottles rung up with another $1 OFF 2 coupon (since you can't use both coupons in one transaction), and again, received $.02 cents! So she "bought" four bottles of ketchup and earned four cents on the deal!

This woman made me realize just how much I have been slacking with couponing lately. This is something we all can do - whether you use coupons only occasionally or you plan your trips around coupons. It really can save you money!

So while I was walking out of the store and dwelling on my lack of coupon sense (or cents!), I noticed a sign in the store entry way advertising a free coupon class! Just what I needed to get back into money-saving mode. I went back into the store and signed up for the free coupon class, and saw that there was already a whole sheet full of names on the list - In this economy, more people than ever are getting coupon-savvy!

I will report back next week on what I learn from this couponing class, but I wanted to let you all know to keep an eye out for similar classes at your local grocery stores. You never know what free classes will be offered, and who couldn't use a free couponing class?


shannon said…
I am also guilty of slacking on the coupon department.
NarsCupcake said…
Cute blocg-Followng you from Pink Dandy blog hop I would love a follow back have a great day
Mindie Hilton said…
following back with gfc thanks for stopping by
Thanks for stopping by Pink Dandy Chatter. I love your purple colors! I am following you =)

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